You Need to Hire Good Carpet Cleaners, Such as the Professionals at All Pro Chem Dry.

carpet cleanersEven if you are the most extraordinarily fastidious person on the planet, you are still going to need professional cleaning help, when it comes to certain issues.  For example, your carpets, even if you vacuum every single day, need to be cleaned professionally, once per year.  This is because vacuum cleaners, no matter how powerful and expensive, cannot get your floors one hundred percent clean, and they cannot penetrate deep into your carpet.  Not only that, they can only remove dry particles on the surface of the carpet, which means that there could be deep-rooted grime that you are not even seeing.  Fortunately, the solution is simple.  You just need to hire good carpet cleaners, such as the professionals at All Pro Chem Dry.  All Pro Chem Dry is a first-rate Colorado carpet cleaning company that specializes in carbonated extraction, the best and most efficient carpet cleaning technique.

Before carbonated extraction became prevalent, the main way to clean carpets was steam cleaning, which is substantially less effective, in several ways.  For one thing, steam cleaning is not very sanitary, as it leaves soapy residue, which can turn to mold, not to mention the fact that it also leaves your carpet wet overnight.  This is long enough for a significant amount of mold and bacteria to develop because those organisms love moist environments.  The carbonated carpet cleaning system does not leave the carpet nearly as wet, and it does not leave the residual soap.  Plus, since it does not leave the carpet wet for so long, it does not necessitate that you spend the night out of your house, which steam cleaning does.  Carbonated cleaning is an advanced and fascinating process that involves tiny bubbles that lift the particles of dirt out of your carpet, while steam cleaning is an outdated, ineffective method that is both inconvenient and bad for the environment.  The fact that it involves rinsing toxic chemicals makes it bad for the environment and dangerous for children and pets.  Carbonated extraction poses no such risks, which is why it is quickly becoming the most trusted carpet cleaning system.  That being said, neither steam cleaning or carbonated extraction can remove stains.  That requires an entirely different strategy, which is another service provided by All Pro Chem Dry.  No matter the severity of the stain, they can get it out, without harming your carpet.

As you know, carpets are not the only things that stain and get dirty, which is why All Pro Chem Dry also offers upholstery cleaning services.  Upholstery cleaning is, if anything, even more challenging than carpet cleaning, particularly if your upholstery cleaners need to remove a stain from a delicate material.  It can be done, though, and All Pro Chem Dry is just the company to do it.  Even if it requires detaching the upholstery from the furniture, itself, they can remove the stains and other contaminants that are ruining your favorite pieces of furniture.  Once clean, they can simply attach the upholstery back onto your sofa or other furniture item.

Steel buildings are great for boat dry stacks

If you have ever lived near or around a marina, you know that there are many different ways for people to store their boats. With all the different options available, it can be a little tricky for people to know how best to store their boats and what kinds of storage options there are available to them. While there are certainly a variety of methods, if you are looking into opening a marina or are taking over ownership of a marina, there is one thing you absolutely have to have: a dry stack. What exactly is a dry stack? It is, most simply, a large warehouse where boats can be stored for people on stacked racks where their boats are then placed with a kind of fork lift machinery. This is an important way for people to store their boats because a dry stack keeps the boat from sitting in the water all the time and rusting or suffering other damages because of the way the water hits the boat. This is especially true if your boat is in a salt water area. The constant barrage of salt water in your motor and along the sides of your boat will cause problems in the long term if you do not take good care of it. Certainly, boats are made to live in the water. However, most recreational boats, such as those found at a marina, are for fun rather than serving a utilitarian purpose. They are not made to simply sit in salt water, day after day. You need to install a dry stack in order to protect your customers’s boats and make sure that you offer all of the services of a marina.

If you do not already have a dry stack at your marina, how can you install one? The answer is simple. General Steel’s prefabricated steel buildings make excellent dry stacks. Prefabricated steel buildings are the easiest way to meet your steel building needs in a simple and straightforward way. After all, you do not want to be saddled with the costs and time commitment of building a large warehouse sized building from scratch! General Steel makes the building process easier by providing you with a prefabricated building that simply needs assembling on site. No contractor’s fees, no costly hidden fees. Plus, the long term benefits of utilizing a steel building are endless. You will find that instead of being stuck repairing the exterior and interior of the building frequently, your building will last for years. In fact, General Steel boasts a fifty year warranty on their steel buildings, so you can rest assured that your steel building will be one to last as long as your marina is in business! Messing with any other kind of building construction truly becomes a waste of time. You end up frustrated and exhausted with repairs and you are left focusing on something like building construction rather than running your business. Make an easy choice, and install a dry stack at your marina with a prefabricated steel building to make your job easier!

Rodgers Awnings is an Excellent Awning Installation Business, which Operates in the Southeastern United States.

awning installationIt would be remiss to choose one specific aesthetic feature of a home that is the most important, in terms of both function and visual appeal.  Nonetheless, there are a few external features of a home or building that are both visually-appealing and functional.  The best are the ones that make your outdoor areas more usable and appealing.  For instance, a porch or patio makes you more likely to spend time outside.  Awnings are another important feature that makes your backyard, front porch, or patio, a much more enjoyable location.  Of course, awnings require a skill, honesty, and expertise to install correctly, so you should find a reliable and well-regarded awnings supplier in your area.  Rodgers Awnings is an excellent awning installation business, which operates in the Southeastern United States.

Awnings may seem, to some, like a fairly mundane feature of a building, but anyone who has ever been on a porch or patio, without an awning, knows how annoying it can be, especially on a very hot or rainy day.  In terms of function, the basic purpose of any awning is to prevent rain from falling on the porch or patio, as well as on the people and furniture located there.  In addition to preventing rain from getting on people, they, inversely, provide shade, when the sun is too bright and the day is too warm.  Beyond their basic function, though, there is a lot of variety among awnings.  For instance, there are awnings that are made only of cloth and other fabrics, while there are others made of sturdier materials, such as metal and wood.  What materials are best for you, depends on the type of awning you are getting and what you want it for, specifically.

Firstly, awnings can be used for either commercial or residential purposes.  In terms of private residences, awnings are mainly used above windows and above porches and patios.  The type of awnings that are put above windows are mainly for aesthetic purposes, though they do serve to prevent rain from leaking in, through your window.  The awnings, which are typically placed above patios and porches, are usually much larger and wider.  This is because they need to be able to provide more complete coverage, as human beings will actually be sitting underneath them.

Regardless of whether or not you are installing awnings above windows or above a patio, you have the choice of making them retractable, or not.  Retractable awnings can be either manually or mechanically operated, but the automatic ones are the best.  Retractable awnings have the obvious benefit of being easily removed from view.  This can be useful, both for visual and practical reasons.  For one thing, severe rain and hail can cause a lot of damage to your awnings, particularly if they are made of more delicate materials.  Secondly, there are times, when the weather is particularly fair, that you may not want to have your awning up. With a retractable awning, you can always get what you want, at least in terms of shade and rain coverage.

The Pros and Cons of Constructing Steel Buildings

Steel, by far, has been the best material for building in the history of the commercial construction industry. Since first skyscrapers stood up in the city of Chicago in the late 1800s, it has been a major component in the structure of steel buildings across the United States. In fact, the steel production industry is one of the major indicators if the economy is doing well or not.

In the time of the Industrial Revolution, the use of cast iron played a central role in construction for it is cheap and easy to produce. It has strong compression; however, it has weak tension, bending characteristic and is not fire-proof. This lead to the emergence of a new alloy called steel.

Steel, has been widely used in the commercial sector for it is use in the infrastructure of metal buildings, however, it is now slowly attracting a lot of attention in the residential market industry. Its strength to weight ratio is incredibly higher than wood, which is widely use in the construction of houses, and therefore provides more structural strength without the added weight.

Aside that steel is fire-proof and termite-proof; it is actually a greener and more sustainable alternative to wood in the construction of houses. The production of steel through the process of recycling actually reduces mining wastes by 97 and utilizes significantly less energy than standard steelmaking procedure.

Another advantage of the use of steel is that it is easier to construct and requires lesser time in the erection of buildings for it uses less components than the traditional wood and concrete construction. Some of the components can also be prefabricated, thereby saving more time in the building process. Lastly, it is more durable than any other material used in the construction industry, thus saving you more money on yearly repairs and replacements in the long run.

This is the main reason why a number of companies are turning to the use of steel in the residential sector. At Anthem steel, they make sure to deliver quality and durable products that are backed by a 50 year warranty. This will ensure to bring more value into their clients’ projects and ensure savings in through the years.

One of the major drawbacks in the use of steel in the construction of houses is price and energy use. Though steel lasts longer than other materials, it is actually 14% more expensive than a house made of wood. It also has been ruled out especially in humid areas, coastal areas, and areas that get a lot of moisture throughout the year due to corrosion. However, it can be prevented by using an anti-corrosive coating, which is used in order to protect the steel when used in these areas. Lastly, Anthem steel makes sure that your project is handled by experienced and dedicated professionals that will yield the highest quality of construction available in the market.

For these reasons, the use of steel is becoming more popular in the residential construction and is still the favored material for the erection commercial buildings.

Finding the right centralized facilities management company for you

Your large company is expanding even further, and has outgrown its current facilities. Between the office space, warehouses, trucks, and various retail posts across the country, the operation has become larger and much more unwieldy, and you are finding that it is time to consider an outside vendor instead of trying to hire more people internally to manage operations across all of the different sites and sectors. Does this sound like you? Having come to the conclusion that it is time to hire a centralized facilities management company to help your business, how do you go about finding the right one for you? Here are a few helpful hints from other corporations who have been in the same place before.

1. Consider a company’s reputation. Look into their history and record of critical power management, reliability, and different performance measures. See how other clients have rated and reviewed them, and do as much research as you can to determine if the range of services they offer is wide enough to accommodate you and your ever growing business.

2. Cost is always near the top or at the top of everyone’s list. Figuring out what you will get for your buck is critical not only to your profit margin but also to ensuring that your business operations remain successful and are kept at a high performing level. You do not want to cut corners from centralized facilities management only to find out that it cost you way more than the small amount you saved by going with a different company. Prioritizing this expense and making room for it in your budget will help your operations continue to function at their highest level possible, which will continue to increase your profit and grow your company.

3. Capacity. Take a look at who their current clients are, and who they have worked with in the past. joint commission complianceMake sure that they have not only worked with clients and operations of your size and breadth before but also that they will not be stretching themselves too thin by taking you on as a client. Be sure they have the resources and energy to devote to your account, and if they are a publicly traded company, feel free to look into their financial records and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission to get a more complete picture of their assets and any hints that might cause trouble for you later on down the road. For example, are they involved in major litigation elsewhere? Are their profit margins razor thing? All of these things might indicate that they are trying to cut corners themselves, while also still gathering more business to continue to keep them going.

These are just a few small tips to help you find the right centralized facilities management vendor for you and your business. If you are uncomfortable with their business model or any of their reviews, then you know you should look elsewhere. You want to do what is the absolute best thing for you and your own corporation.

Believe It Or Not, I Found a Gift for a Cowboy inside a Handmade Jewelry Store

What are you supposed to buy a cowboy for his birthday?  Every year it is absolutely impossible to find a gift for my brother no matter what the occasion.  He’s a real tried and true cowboy so naturally he hates most of what I pick out for him.  My parents only had two children; a very stereotypical family with one boy and one girl.  Somehow we grew up together but became two very different people.  He stayed in the country and continued to love the life that we knew in Montana as children, and I moved to the city to start a new kind of life.  So each year when his birthday or Christmas comes around I am at a total loss for what to get him.  I can’t buy him a horse or an ATV, and he has more cowboy boots and hats than our whole family combined.

This year I have begun early to shop for a present for my  brother’s birthday, which comes up just a week or two before Thanksgiving usually.  Every year I tend to see the same look on his face when he opens another ranch photo in a frame or another bottle of bourbon from me.  I ran out of options long ago, but at least I know he likes photos or his land and bourbon.  Eventually, though, even those get old.  This year I took my chances and walked into a local handmade jewelry store in “the big city” of Denver, as my brother calls it.  As soon as I saw some of the items in there, I knew I should have checked it out long ago.  There were all kinds of Western themed jewelry pieces in the form of rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, pendants, and even belt buckles.  As I mentioned, my brother has more hats and boots than I can count, but when it comes to a nicely crafted belt buckle, he had none.

My brother certainly had his share of belt buckles, but none of them were of the caliber that I found at this handcrafted jewelry store.  All of his buckles were gifts or jokes of some kind, like the one that has a picture of a pig with the caption “I’ll give up my guns when these guys fly.”  Horrifying, I know.  So I knew that a beautifully authentic belt buckle with crafted sterling silver and a turquoise inlay would be much appreciated.

handmade jewelryAnd finally, after how many years of failed gift giving attempts, I finally scored a win.  My brother absolutely loved the belt buckle that I chose, and he loved it even more knowing that it was unique and none of his cowboy buddies could get the same one.  He can wear it anywhere, but he mostly saves it for nice places like Sunday mass or a family wedding (because cowboys also wear jeans to weddings).  I’m so happy that I finally found something that he loves.  Since then I have been recommending local handcrafted jewelry stores to anyone who will listen.

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Marvel Home Decor offers excellence in blinds, shades and shutters.

When you are looking for specifics in home design it can be scary to think of gambling the luxurious presentation of your home on a company that doesn’t provide you with the most shuttersamazing results. Knowing which company to choose can be overwhelming and so I invite you to check out Marvel Home Decorating in New London, CT. They are a company that has thrived for over eighty years in bringing greatness to all the homes that have come in contact with their business. Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is very important that we find a way to make our homes remain as quaint as magical as we have always wanted. With Marvel Home Decor you are able to get the kind of home you want without paying an unnecessary amount of money. Their greatness can be measured by the fact that they provide their community with the long approved of and adored Hunter Douglas window treatments. If any of you aren’t familiar with Hunter Douglas products then let me enlighten you about what they have to offer. There is no other brand of window treatments that is held in such high regard as Hunter Douglas products. They are a company that has proven excellence and style for years and years. When people are looking for just the right blinds, shades or shutters in their home, then they need to look no further than Marvel Home Decor since they have incredible selections of Hunter Douglas products as well as many other qualities that are desirable in home furnishings.

Something else special that Marvel Home Decor offers to the people in the community and the surrounding communities is custom blinds. We all have lived in a place where there were quirky windows or tiny rooms that were very troublesome to find furnishings for. With Marvel Home Decor’s option for custom blinds, you can be sure that you will get something for your home that will look good in that space, fit it perfectly and also accent your style beautifully. If you are interested in finding out more about their custom window treatments, then hop on their website and check out what all they have to offer.

They also have an incredible Hunter Douglas gallery that is sure to impress anyone who has ever had curtain, blinds, shades or shutters in their home. You can see that they pride themselves on offering quality to their community. In being around for eighty years you won’t find a business that understands home decor and window treatments the way that Marvel Home does. You can be sure to be amazed and what they have to offer. You will find countless hours of peace in your home when you choose them to help you get your home the way you have always wanted it to be, fashionable and of course affordably so. So don’t hold off on that dinner party any longer. Give Marvel Home Decor a call or browse through their gallery and see what they have to offer you and your home.


Marvel Home Decorating

New London Mall

351 N. Frontage Road

New London, CT 06320


Marty Erzinger’s 4 Simple Ways to Save Money

“Money makes the world go round”

This premise completely reflects how the world runs today. Without money, it really is impossible to survive in today’s world.  That is why, people are constantly looking for ways in order to earn a living and build their finances. However, a lot of people seem to disregard an equally important thing. Having control over your expenditures is also an important part to ensure your survival of your finances in the long run.

Experts from the Sanctuary Wealth Advisors specialize in managing people’s finances to ensure that their client’s money is well-spent.  Mr Marty Erzinger is one of the professionals who work in the company.  He is a co-founder and a nationally recognize wealth advisor.  He listed 4 simple practices that every household should do in order to save money and ensure your finances.

Marty Erzinger

protecting your wealth

Make sure to save on groceries.  There are several ways in order to save not only your money, but also your time and energy when buying your grocery items.  According to Marty Erzinger, a standard in buying your groceries is having a list of the items and sticking to it.  This way you will be able make sure that any item is not forgotten and it will keep you from buying unnecessary items.  It is also recommended to buy your groceries in bulk since buying in bulk is cheaper than buying it by pieces.

Always conserve water and electricity.  Not only that you are helping in saving the environment, it also saves you a considerable amount of money when your monthly bill comes up.  The basic rule for conserving water and electricity is to switch off anything when it is not being used.  You should switch off the lights in the rooms as well as the appliances when it is not being used.  The use of energy efficient light bulbs is highly recommended as a replacement of the traditional bulbs since it uses up more electricity than the new ones.

Consider changing a habit in order to save.  All people have habits that cost a fortune if somebody looks at it in a bigger picture. An example is the habit of going out with friends for a drink.  It may help your finances to limit the number of times you go out for a drink with friends in order to save money. This will be beneficial not only to your finances but also on your overall health.

Take good care of your greatest asset.  Taking care of your body can be the best money saving strategy that you should consider. According to Marty Erzinger, your body is the best tool in your disposal in acquiring your earnings and thus it should be given utmost importance.  Eating healthy food and sleeping the required number of hours every night should keep you at optimum health. You should not also forget that you need to do a 30-minute exercise at least 3 times a week.

In addition, common practices for preventive care should be observed in order to avoid the expenses brought by hospitalization and medicine.  Lastly, you should visit your dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning session in order to avoid dental problems that costs a fortune to correct.

Differences in prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses

When visiting H. Rubin Opticians, many customers do not know if they want to get a prescription for eyeglasses or for contact lenses. While many customers use both, those who are finding that they need some type of vision aid for the first time are often unsure of what they need for their lifestyle and what will work best for them throughout the day and night. The store provides a great interview process where the optician can help the client determine what is best for them and how they are going to feel the most comfortable. An excerpt from their interview questions in included below to help any new glasses wearer determine if they would be better off with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

How do you spend your day?

If you spend your day predominantly looking at a computer screen, and then also do the same thing at home after work, then it may be more practical to use prescription eyeglasses. The glare from the computer screen already has the tendency to make the viewer squint and to strain the eyes. When there are contact lenses involved, the eyes can dry out much quicker and tend to become tired or blurry. It can be much easier to spend time looking at a computer screen if the patient is wearing prescription eyeglasses instead of contact lenses.

How sensitive are your eyes to the sunlight?

If you have a light colored eye or tend to always wear sunglasses when outside, then you may need to consider prescription sunglasses as well as eyeglasses, or simply choose to wear contact lenses. It can be difficult to keep track of both eyeglasses and sunglasses, and in this case contact lenses may be a better option. That way you only need to put your sunglasses on and off, and not worry about having both pairs of eyeglasses with you at all times.

Do you have enough time at night to take out contact lenses?

While many people choose to sleep in their contact lenses, this is not a good idea and is not the best practice. eye examThere are many complications that can arise from sleeping in your contact lenses, and if you find that you do not have enough time in your routine at night to remove them and properly clean and store the lenses, then prescription eyeglasses may be the right choice for you.  The glasses only need to be taken off and left beside the bed. But the contact lenses must be removed from the eye, rinsed, and stored properly in an air tight container until they are needed again.

Do you like the look of eyeglasses?

While many people have never worn them, they often want to see how they look in prescription eyeglasses. A trial run is very beneficial, as it can help you to decide if you are annoyed by the occasional glare off the glasses, or the inability to add sunglasses over the top. But if you do not like the way that you look in glasses, then it may be best to choose contact lenses instead.

Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is not the same as it was before. Traditionally in order to sell real estate, brokers would either put their contact information in the houses they are selling or wait by the property. The information age has changed all that. When Amazon started selling online, a number of people where initially hesitant thinking it would not last. Now it seems that retailers like Amazon are becoming a threat to most local businesses. This is because marketing products online is expected to reach a higher number of target consumers. Going online though, whether in real estate marketing or otherwise, is not that simple.

real estate web design

optimizing your search engine

There are companies that feel however that having their own website costs too much. This is understandable as having your own website requires you to pay a certain amount per year for the domain name alone and you typically need the correct expertise to maintain it. This does not include having a good real estate web design. Aside from the design you also have to contend with how your site appears in the results of search engines. If it doesn’t appear in the first two pages then chances are customers will not be able to visit your site. This means you also need to have good real estate SEO content.

Thus companies often resort to having a presence in social networking sites. With Facebook and Twitter getting more and more members, it is indeed a good way for real estate marketing. One really good benefit of social networking sites is that it is excellent when it comes to word of mouth or “sharing” as they say in Facebook. If you have a satisfied customer, then that person can share his or her experiences with her friends while directing them to your page or they can “like” your page which will show on their friends’ feeds. The service is also free thus you only one person to consistently monitor the page or market your services through the platform.

However in reality it is not good to rely heavily on social networking sites. Because it is free, this means you have no real control over it. If you want to maximize how you use social networking sites then you will still need to shell out money specifically for their ad services. Depending on how much you pay, your ad will have the chance to come up in a particular person’s Facebook page. However if that person is not interested then it all comes to naught.

At best, you should only use social networking sites as a support to your main website. One disadvantage of social networking sites is that you can only put in a limited amount of information. Thus your social media presence should simply be a tool that would direct potential clients to your website where they will get more information. If you are serious about having an online presence then note that having your own website is still the best way. Using social media however to further your real estate marketing is merely the beginning.