Looking for help from a packing company

While we are planning a really big move for our family from our smaller town home to a larger house across town, I haven’t had the time or the energy to get things packed up. I work a long day, and when I get home there is dinner to cook and kids to help with homework. I just haven’t been able to get things ready for the move, and we are starting to fall behind schedule. There is a lot that will need to be done once we have the house packed up, but I can’t get to that until I actually get the house packed up. moving companiesSo I am thinking I need to start looking around for some help from a packing company, or a moving company that will do the packing part for us. We aren’t going to need help with the actual move because we have a truck already and aren’t planning to pay for that at this time. But we do need help with the packing of the house, and I’m thinking now that instead of asking all my friends and family to come and help me get it done, I will just outsource it instead. I don’t want to have my friends feel like they need to help me with that, even though I do need the help. But that may be a lot to ask of anyone, so it seems like the best option for us would be to just find a company that does that packing part and see how much they charge. I would love to see how much of a discount we can get if we just need them for a few hours or just for an afternoon.

We don’t have too much stuff that a few packers won’t be able to pack it all up and move into the common entry room for us to work through. I’m thinking that if there were two people, they could pack up almost the entire house in a few hours, not even a full afternoon. Maybe if they get done with a moving job early, they could just make a little extra money by coming over to help us pack, even though they already got paid for a full day to move someone else. I really don’t think that it would be too hard to find someone who could get that done for me, and who would be willing to just send over a guy or two to help me get it taken care of. If I can even just get help, and can keep the kids occupied or do it when they are at school, that would be so much easier to work through than what I am dealing with now. I just need that extra boost of help to get us all ready to move into the new place. And when it is all finally packed up, then I can start on the cleaning and the repairs that we need to do before we move out. Some of the window trims need to be fixed and the walls need to be painted.